Tarifa, Spain: This Place Blows!

Karie on Jun 21st 2008 07:24 pm

I found out first-hand that Tarifa is the wind capitol of Europe.  It’s a cool little town, but not quite a “destination” for most people, unless your goal is to windsurf, kite surf, or find the fastest way to Morocco.  We were here for the latter.

Most people don’t go out of their way to visit Tarifa, but it’s worth a look if you’re in the area.  Not to mention it’s faaar better than Algeciras, which is another common gateway to both Morocco and Gibraltar.  That place blows too, but not because it’s windy.

Tarifa sits on the southernmost tip of Spain, and you can actually see Africa from there.  I’m not sure if the ferry we took across to Morocco was actually a high speed, or if it’s just fast because it gets blown between Continents by the strong off-shore winds.

We arrived mid-afternoon and hit up a rooftop beach bar for a late lunch.  We had just come from Cádiz, where the beaches were completely full before noon, so we couldn’t figure out why the beach in Tarifa was pretty empty – especially on a Saturday afternoon!  Well, after we finished our lunch we decided to park it under an umbrella for a bit, and that’s when we discovered our answer.

It was sunny, and the breeze felt great on the restaurant patio, but down on the beach it felt like we were in a full on sand storm.  It was almost comical, especially when we looked across at a couple of girls near us who were trying to lay out, but instead had their sarongs wrapped around their entire body & head to protect them from the abrasion.

We realized why this place is so great for water sports (particularly wind surfing), but not highly recommended for beach goers.  So, instead we had a relaxing evening exploring the town and preparing for our trip to Morocco the next day.

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