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Ronda, Spain: white-washed romance

I’m not sure how I decided that we needed to visit Ronda.  Every time it would come up in discussions about our itinerary, Scott would say, “Sooo… what’s in Ronda?” And I never really had a good answer, besides that I heard it was really beautiful. We actually ended up cutting our time here to […]


After I got our Croatia itinerary mostly ironed out, it occurred to me that a day trip to Montenegro was within reach.  I asked Scott what he thought about the idea and he said, “I’ve aaalways wanted to go to Montenegro!!!”  What???  When I asked him why he’s never mentioned this lifelong dream, he jumped […]


At the risk of sounding like total geeks, this is pretty fun. In case you’ve never heard of Geoocaching (and I wouldn’t expect you to), it’s like a GPS-powered worldwide treasure hunt. Basically, someone gets some type of sealed container, puts stuff inside it, and hides it anywhere in the world. They then go online […]